Welcome to the world of wine and food pairing!

....but, what is wine it UP?


WINE IT UP is the app that helps you to choose the right wine for your food. 

The concept is very simple: we need to know the main ingredient, the cooking method  and seasoning used. 

And wine it UP will do the rest!


We will give you a choice of 4 wines covering a vast array of countries; there will be an option from Italy, France, the rest of Europe and the New World.

For each suggested wine, we will provide the following important information:

  • The country - this gives the wine its style

  • The grape variety - this gives the wine its main characteristics

  • The vintage - this enhances or soften some characteristics (acidity/softness/tannins)

This will help you select the ideal wine from your local supermarket, wine shop, wine bar or restaurant. You can take comfort knowing that a team of professional sommeliers have provided you with the best wine options for your food.

use Wine it UP and

WINE your food right!


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