About Pairing

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what is the 'best pairing'?

According to the Italian Sommelier Association, the highest authority in the world when it comes to wine and food pairing, the perfect marriage is when the combination of food and wine creates a flavour and sensation that should be equal to or better than the two singular tastes.

You create something new and greater.

Is it magic? No, it's science!

Pairing is the art of enhancing the taste of food with the help of wine, creating a new experience that is something unique and unrepeatable.

A good pairing changes your perception, challenges your senses, and enhances the dining experience to the highest level.

But how can you achieve that?

By separately analysing and evaluating food and wine sensations, understanding what are the main and most important ones, how they interact and which, when combined, can potentially clash or harmonise.

This is the 'technical pairing methodology‘ for which the Italian Sommelier Association is famous, and it is applied for each and every WINE IT food and wine pairing.

Rest assured then, if you use WINE IT, you'll wine your food right!