Federica Zanghirella is the UK Sommelier Association Vice President, wine expert, teacher and lecturer.

“My passion for food and wine started at an early stage in my life, although it took years of dedication and commitment to become an expert in the field.

I am from Piedmont, one of the Italy’s most renowned wine regions, which has a strong tradition for enogastronomy and it is these deep roots that carry through my passion.

I am a fully qualified sommelier, particularly specialised in food and wine/sake pairing and wine tasting technique.”

why wine it UP?

“My ambition was to share my skills and knowledge. I wanted people to understand how a meal and dining experience can be enhanced when accompanied with the right wine.

Two years ago, I decided it was the right moment to create a tool to help people to choose the right beverage for their food.

After a few months of hard work, tasting and experimenting with multiple combinations of food and wine, Wine it Up was born!”

No excuses, use Wine it Up and wine your food right!