Since 2005 The UK Sommelier Association, has been providing professional sommelier courses, international version of the acclaimed Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) course, which itself has offered wine education since 1965.

Our Mission

Our courses focus on four crucial elements: in-depth technical knowledge about viticulture and oenology, wine tasting technique, wine-food pairing technique and service.

Thanks to our highly knowledgeable and qualified wine experts and lecturers, our goal is to give our students a solid technical understanding whilst encouraging them to nurture and share their passion.

We also teach an elaborate wine tasting technique with an emphasis on practical exercises aimed at helping students to recognise aromas and evaluate sensations.

What makes us truly stand out is our elaborate teaching approach to wine pairings with food. 

It involves analysing sensations of different families of food and then identifying wines with complimentary attributes, which when paired together, results in a harmony of flavours.

Do you want to learn everything about wine and food pairing? Join our courses and learn the technique! Follow this link for more info:

Sommelier Course 2017/18

Wine is the most civilised thing in the world
— Ernest Hemingway